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HPC is a member congregation of The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.  It has a membership of approximately 480 families.  All age groups are catered for in our extensive range of activities.

Our logo represents that we all begin our faith journey in different places, move through commitment to various spheres of service and continued growth in faith; all of which takes place within the supportive embrace of the church family, whose arms are open to welcome all who are searching for a spiritual home.

We encourage active participation in our worship services during which we use both traditional and contemporary hymns and songs.  While God’s Word as contained in Scripture is of supreme importance, we welcome “light from any quarter” as we seek to understand it and apply it to every aspect of life in the 21st Century. 


Our style and approach is clearly presented in our mission statement:

HPC Logo

We believe in God.  We accept the uniqueness of the revelation of God by Jesus Christ.  We rejoice in the present power of the Holy Spirit.

We acknowledge our understanding of God is imperfect; Our picture of Jesus is blurred; Our response to the Holy Spirit is inadequate.  But our goal is to present each person mature in Christ, able to express and enjoy God.



Rev. Dr. Allen Sleith


Michael Anderson

Youth Development Worker

Rev. John Davey

Minister Emeritus

Dawn Burnside

Church Coordinator

Stephen Thompson

Interim Music Coordinator

Our Mission
our mission

Nearly 180 years ago, Presbyterians first came to worship God in the centre of the village. We became an integral part of the local community, providing a constant witness to God through testing times and circumstances. 

As the village has grown and developed, so our congregation has changed and adapted to meet some of the many challenges and opportunities placed before us.

One of the greatest challenges our congregation faces is to find new and effective ways to reach out to our neighbours and share God’s love for us all

Our Policies
our policies

Find the links below to view our various policies that we have in place at HPC.

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