At HPC, we believe a healthy community is an active community. Take a look at our many opportunities to volunteer, to participate in social events and to take part in learning and growing together.


In-Person Worship

If you intend to join us in-person for Church next Sunday morning, please continue to inform Dawn so that we can make the necessary preparations.


Christian Aid Week

Christian Aid week commences on Monday 10th May this year.  For information of how to contribute, please find further details on our home page.



Our next Communion service will be taking place on Sunday 9th May at our 10:30am service.  Those who attend in-person will be supplied with a pre-sealed communion pack rather than the usual sharing of elements. 



Our weekly book review series will continue this Wednesday at 8pm on our YouTube channel


Mental Health Week

Mental Health Week will also be running from 10th-16th May with a theme of nature and the environment. A programme of events have been organised to promote positive mental health and well-being.